Welcome to the Forest


Deep within the forest lie creatures of shadow and hate. They thrive on the ill thoughts of those around to feed more darkness into the world. It is in this forest that wanderers become lost, forgotten, alone. It is in this forest that all hope dies.
But what of the light?

A tiny ember amongst the forest floor seeks shelter from the encroaching shadows. Alone and afraid, it runs from a colossus.
Lightning and terror fill the skies above, casting great shadows amidst the forest floor and our ember can only run. A single point of light guides it now, away from the beast above as it spews its titanic power, lighting the skies.
A shadow amongst the light.
A second point of illumination.
Maybe all is not lost after all.


This is the world that Guide takes place in. A world of shadow and light, with fear and instinct leading all actions.
Our hero, Fia, has been the product of many stages of design intended to encapsulate the feelings of anxiety and apprehension that come with the struggle to survive. Survival is her only goal as she traverses an ancient black forest. With her life in peril from the colossal Thunderbird, Fia has little choice but to run. A guiding light leads her away from the lightning and shadow and takes Fia on a journey of discovery and perspective which will change the way she interprets her world.

Writing for Guide has been challenging throughout our many stages of production. Our original story idea started out as a tale of something much darker and sinister in order to try and illicit feelings of sympathy in players. After much deliberation we changed the game to be something that could be better received by all and a little more light hearted in overall tone. From there we needed to create a new main character to fit in with this world; we originally had ideas of birds, squirrels, and even mice at one point, but in the end we decided on something mythological… the phoenix. With a phoenix we could show the lead character going through a literal rebirth, a blank slate for players to embrace new experiences and choices of her own.

In Guide Fia has to make many choices on how to survive, but we did not think that she should be completely alone on her journey. So within our team we came up with the concept of giving her a companion. Her own Guide. And this is where the name of our game comes from, from this single decision to include a lone light in the darkness. However, Guide’s story is not all light, and it casts many shadows on Fia and her companion.

…But that is a tale for another day!



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