Team Spotlight – Virginia Alecia


This is the third post in our team spotlight series, where we’ll be introducing the people working behind the scenes on Guide the game.

Virginia Alecia was born in a large Meyer lemon field. She spent the majority of her youth there, in fear of the outside world. She survived solely off dandelion greens, small insects and of course – Meyer lemons.

Virginia started painting at the ripe age of two. Her only materials were charcoal sticks and a large tube of Windsor-Newton oil paint in Lemon Yellow #3. She later acquired a tube of Quinacridone Violet, which took her paintings to a whole new level. She began painting portraits of the townsfolk’s most prized fruit, communicating only via packages sent by border collie. She always wanted to be a successful artist but was too afraid to leave her field.

One day, a large, ancient snail came to the lemon field. He told Virginia she should follow her dreams, as she would become old soon just like him and die. She rode the snail all the way to the big city to go to some hot shot art university.

The snail died of old age when they were only a few blocks away.

Virginia knew she couldn’t let the snail die in vain so she went to school and tried her best. She soon joined Team Guide to make art for their video game.

“Yellow Meyer lemons.” – Virginia Alecia

If you are interested in seeing some of Virginia’s illustrations and game art please proceed to her website.


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