Team Spotlight – Jordan Roherty

This is the second post in our team spotlight series, where we’ll be introducing the people working behind the scenes on Guide the game. 

Guide’s original musical score and numerous sound effects owe their genius to Jordan Roherty. Hailing from Fredericton and now living in Montreal, Jordan boasts an impressive resume spanning across multiple media forms, though he admits his greatest passion is working with interactive audio. In 2008 Jordan won the Excellence in Music Composition award from the Silver Wave Film Festival for an entirely 8-bit short film, Gamers Manifesto (Fetal Films). In 2012 he again won a Silver Wave award, this time for Excellence in Sound Design on the short drama Buzz (Fetal Films). He has created full music and sound scores for approximately 35 games during his time at Spielo International alone, has additional film credits which include audio work on The Devil’s Tide (2006), and My Immortality (2007), and continues to work as an independent sound designer, composer, and consultant for various clients.

13595365_10157335661035727_786701577_n (1).jpg
“I heard about the basics of the project and was interested to know if any audio was needed. Happily, it was, and I was very thankful for the opportunity to help out. I really enjoy projects that allow me to create something different, which is how I feel about Guide. It’s not music that I’m used to making, but it’s some of the weirdest, strangest, more emotional work I’ve done and I’m glad to have the chance to make it.”

Watch the short film Today versus Tomorrow below, which features an original score by Jordan:


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