Team Spotlight – Welcome Evan Mersereau!

This is the first post in our team spotlight series, where we’ll be introducing the people working behind the scenes on Guide the game. 

Team Guide is excited to announce the recent addition of Evan Mersereau to Guide’s writing staff! Evan is an accomplished writer, a captivating storyteller, and a prolific games critic who has already begun to inspire the crew with his passion and creativity. His most recent short story – “That’s Stupid Talk”- placed as a Runner-up for the David Adams Richards Prize for Prose, and was read by Evan for Shivering Skalds, a journal created by Creative Writing students at St. Thomas University.

“I was born in Moncton, had lots of family living around that area while I was growing up, but I’ve lived in Fredericton for almost all of my life on both sides of the bridge.
Joining the Guide team held a lot of significance. Firstly, it’s a great feeling to get a call from an old friend who’s saying, ‘Hey! Remember that thing I told you I was working on? We’d like to bring you on because you’re good at that thing you do.’ This is also a tremendous amount of pressure, but in a good way. I’m dealing with a balancing act of trying to create (both) a world and a narrative… It’s enjoyably frustrating, especially with a ticking clock of deadlines. I’m really enjoying trying to work with it.”

If you’d like to see a sample of Evan’s work, watch him read “That’s Stupid Talk” below:


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