Guide @ Jalloo 2016

The Guide team was proud to present our first public demo and playtesting at the Jalloo Festival of Animation and Games in Mirimichi. 

13389090_10208944729432042_129196577_o   13441718_10208968523146870_1201854908_o (1)

Guide demo setup at the games arcade!

Guide team member Rebecca Goodine also spoke on a conference panel about Guide’s development history, explained the project’s core empathetic design, and presented a broader overview of emotional game design in the context of independent development.

13346624_1013448668733296_4237323014061838366_n (1)   13410601_10208968522386851_299266929_o (1)

Many of the attendees were also kind enough to give us detailed feedback that we will be reviewing and considering as we move into our next phase of development. This event was a very exciting experience, one that has given us renewed energy and excitement for Guide’s future. We would like to extend a special thanks to Brian McGee and Kevin Gallant, who respectively allowed us to speak on an event panel and to showcase our game.

-The Guide Team

If you were unable to attend Jalloo but would like to playtest our technical demo, email for a link to the game download and feedback survey.


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