Q&A With Team Guide Member Rebecca Goodine

Fight your fear in Guide, an upcoming 2D puzzle platformer currently in development by Team Guide. Run, jump, fly and light your way to safety as you navigate the haunting shadows which threaten to close in around you. With an original soundtrack and breathtaking visuals, Guide is a touching and emotional journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

What is Guide about?
Guide is the story of Fia, a bird who wakes up alone and scared in a forest. She ends up meeting a fairy who is also lost, but who does her best to act as a guide to Fia.


What are you developing in?
We are using Gamemaker, and currently plan to release Guide on PC.

What kind of Gameplay can I expect?
All the traditional platformer stuff of course- running, jumping, etc., but we also have some other puzzle mechanics that uniquely relate to our game’s story. For example, as Fia gains knowledge of her own powers, she is able to burn and remove dead tree stumps that block her path.


How did you come up with the idea?
Guide was originally conceived as part of a game design competition. We were asked to make a game that explored the themes of empathy and positive mental health change, and ended up winning second place for the “empathy” category. We were also given critical feedback by James Portnow and Chris Avellone, and that gave us a good direction for where we can improve and where we want to go with the game.

Who is working on it?
Myself, Virginia, Elliot, and Jade. I did some of the early art, which has been taken over (quite excellently I will add!) by Virginia, so that I could move to a more organizational / press role. Jade is our lead story writer, and Elliot our lead programmer. We all come from different work and school backgrounds, which I think gives our team a pretty big advantage.

When can we expect to learn more?
Our next big showing will be at the Jalloo Festival of Animation and Games, where we will have a demo on display, and I will be discussing Guide during a talk I am giving with some other games researchers at UNB.

What makes this game worth playing?
I think the game’s bigger themes- anxiety, fear, isolation- are things that everyone can relate to, even if they don’t necessarily have an anxiety disorder. That, coupled with a beautiful and fun play experience, we really feel makes Guide special.




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